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Protect yourself with good decisions

Operating a business is difficult enough without having to be concerned about suffering significant financial loss due to an unforeseen event occurring. Protecting yourself against the loss of your investment could be the most crucial step you will take as a business owner.

These are tough times for business owners with some facing uncertain futures. In the event of a business loss such as fire, theft, natural disaster or employee injury, are you protected? The expense for attorney's fees alone could potentially drive you out of the business for good. Having a business insurance policy is crucial for any business no matter the size.

In most states, you are required to have a small business insurance plan by the state law. Some types of business insurance like workers' compensation coverage or property and liability insurance are a must in all of the states, although the amounts of coverage vary from place to place. In some states you should provide a business insurance policy in order to get a business registration.

Let The Jacobs Company design a cost-effective, comprehensive program for your business. It could be the most important business decision you've ever made.

At The Jacobs Company, we are more than just your broker; with over 400 years of combined industry experience and a risk management department that specializes in controlling on-site losses, we are your partner in business.

From our initial visit through the binding of coverage and throughout the year, we will work with you to provide a tailored risk management and insurance solution for each project. Starting with the initial quoting process, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your coverages, exposures, and check your 5-year Mod rating history to ensure your prior ratings were accurate. These steps enable us to get you the lowest possible premium year after year.

In addition to providing comprehensive coverage, our risk management department is here to help YOU stay in control of your premiums by giving you control over your risks and losses. Our team will analyze any loss trends and we will work with you to develop a loss control plan. Each client will have access to our customized software solution where they can manage OSHA compliance, risk management, and receive up-to-the-minute industry updates.

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