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The world depends on you. The economy depends on you. Who do you depend on? In the event of a loss are you protected?

Manufacturers need insurance programs that not only protect them against loss to property and other assets, but also provide coverage for loss of income that might come with a property loss. In fact, in many cases the loss of income and additional expenses to keep your business going are more than the cost to repair/replace your property.

Your exposure to product liability is also important. What happens if you have to recall product(s)? What happens if a product doesn’t perform in the manner intended? The Jacobs Company understands these needs and with over 400 years of combined industry experience, we specialize in getting you the coverage you need at the best possible price.

And, we assist in keeping costs in line for one of your most vital resources- your employees. Starting with an in-depth analysis of your business and its exposure to loss, we also check your 5-year workers’ compensation EMR rating history to ensure your prior ratings were accurate, and we work with you to fine-tune your safety program to reduce worker injuries to the fewest possible. These steps enable us to get you the lowest possible premium year after year.

Each client has access to our customized software solutions which allow you to manage OSHA compliance, risk management, and receive up-to-the-minute industry updates.


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