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Details are Everything

Architects and Engineers provide the specialized knowledge to build the world around us. Detail is paramount when you’re designing a bridge, or the buildings we work in every day. But the most crucial detail you may face is making sure you are protected in the event of a business loss.

Whether you work as a solo practitioner or run an engineering firm, to be a successful architect or engineer, you must be flexible, inquisitive, and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. But even in your best work there is the potential for error. And as you know, a small mistake can have serious consequences.

Most architecture and engineering firms don’t have deep pockets. If you or your company is sued – regardless of whether or not you are at fault – defending yourself against a lawsuit can be financially devastating. If you or your firm is sued, can you afford the legal defense costs? Or worse, could you pay restitution if you’re found at fault?

If you're properly insured, the answer is yes, you can.

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