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Protect Others… Protect Yourself

Running a security business comes with immense daily pressure. While it’s the job of a security guard to protect others, security companies must also protect themselves against risk, and ensure that their employees are properly protected. A lot of responsibility falls onto a security guard’s shoulders. Whether they are working in the lobby of a residential building or the entrance of a store, their clients depend on them to keep the entire premises safe at all times, and that often includes the people in them.

As the owner of a security business, you need to focus your time on tasks that boost revenue and grow your company. That understandably puts the time-consuming task of assessing risk and researching insurance options further down on your list of priorities.

Unfortunately, events that can cause business losses, such as the theft of property, employee injury, legal actions and other disasters, cannot be predicted. Having the wrong or inadequate insurance can result in uninsured or underinsured losses, which could put you out of business and stay with you for a lifetime.

Having the proper insurance coverage is crucial to protecting yourself and your business. The Jacobs Company is here to serve not only as your insurance broker, but your consultative partner in business. Our specialized security program includes access to the most competitive rates in the market, the experience to keep you protected and a risk management department that specializes in keeping security operation losses to a minimum.

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