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Peace of Mind

Restaurateurs are masters at the art of multitasking. From creating a dazzling menu to keeping customers satisfied, all while keeping profits high and food costs low. These daily demands mean that arranging proper insurance coverage might be the last thing on your list. But the fruit of your labors might be in jeopardy if you’re not protected from a business loss.

We understand that this can be overwhelming and that’s why The Jacobs Company works to take the stress out of protecting your business. Our specialized restaurant program is tailored by our understanding of the risks involved in running a restaurant. Our team of specialists has the tools to get you the most competitive prices and the most comprehensive coverage, and the knowledge to create a risk management program to help keep your losses to a minimum.

Some of the most common concerns for restaurateurs are included in our Insurance Program.

  • How to cover the fire damage caused by fryers, open flames and burning candles?
  • What if my restaurant inadvertently sells contaminated food and customers get sick?
  • What if hot coffee is spilled on a customer?
  • How can I protect my guests against a slip and fall incident?
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